Marina The First Tele-Fantaserye


Brings with all the right elements to become a national phenomenon. And every adventure about moving moments of filial devotion, of greedy and treachery, and the one true love who will set everything right. A wondrously, imaginative fantasy drama series for all ages.

A fairytale journey that will take you over scenic lands and even under the sea. Combining the elements of privacy and fiction, romance and comedy, Marina is a mystical story of fate, jealousy, obsession, and the things you will do for love.

Born from human parents, Marina falls victim to a curse of a sea deity who seeks revenge over her father. As Marina turns into a mermaid on her seventh birthday, her mother entrusted her to the sea, where she was eventually found by the queen of the mermaids. Thorn between saving her family and save-guarding the interest of the love of her life. Marina will dive into the depths of the sea, and rise above her current prediction to liberate herself and the people she loves.

What destiny awaits Marina? Will she ever survive the curse that denies her to pursue the one that she truly loves. Marina, creating a sense of wonder like no series have done before.


Marina Aguas (Claudine Barretto): An obedient daughter of Esther and Elias. At the age of seven, she will be cursed to become a mermaid by the wicked Victoria. Out of love and protection, Esther sends her to the sea where she lives a different life under the loving care of Istah, the Queen of the Sea. Marina vows to win back her human form even if it entails big risks and unimaginable sacrifices.She later becomes successful in her pursuit to live a normal life, assuming a very important position in a prestigious resort. But during full moon and unknown to all, Marina, the rich and lovely executive, transforms back into a mermaid.

Esther Sto. Domingo (Snooky Serna): The loving mother of Marina and dedicated wife to Elias. She is Victoria’s ultimate rival in her quest to win Elias’ heart. Though she finds it very painful, she opts to send her mermaid daughter to the sea to protect her from the townspeople.

Victoria Raymundo (Cherie Gil): A sea deity who possesses supernatural powers over the sea. She falls in love with Elias but is tormented when she finds out that her great love marries Esther, a woman from Manila. She seeks Dugong’s help to grant her the power to curse the couple’s first child.

Elias Sto. Domingo (Joel Torre): A kind-hearted fisherman who commits to love Victoria until he meets the woman of his dreams in the person of Esther. Victoria will make him regret marrying Esther for the rest of his life. And to save his daughter Marina from the evils powers of her ex-love, Elias chooses to live in the arms of the cruel sea deity.

Istha (Sunshine Cruz): She is the Queen of the Sea who takes good care of Marina the moment the young girl turns into a mermaid and is sent to Dagat LAndia. Istah regards the poor mermaid as her own daughter and vows to do everything to make her adoptive child happy… and even if it means sacrificing her own life. She possesses a powerful necklace that preserves her youth and a sign of her unconditional love, offers it to Marina.

Rodge (Rafael Rosell): He first saw Marina as a young mermaid when he was but a little boy. This fateful encounter leaves him with a fixation on mermaids until he grows up to be a man. In his quest to find his precious mermaid once again, he is deemed by Victoria as Marina's true love and therefore must be stopped from breaking the curse. Amidst all of Rodge's good qualities lie a tragic flaw-- he is also the man in Luna's heart.

Luna Raymundo (Meryll Soriano): The love child of Elias and Victoria is a reluctant heiress to her mother’s evil powers. Simple and good-natured, she falls head over heels in love with Randolph. Upon knowing that Randolph’s heart belongs to Marina, she willingly accepts her mother’s powers to exact revenge against her rival.

Sheila Corrales (Agot Isidro): She personifies the success story of a mermaid who becomes human… a living inspiration and foundation of hope to Marina. Sheila will be Marina’s connection to the real world. A good friend who promises to help the poor mermaid accomplish her dream.

Raphael Sandico (Bobby Andrews): Esther’s psychiatrist who falls in love with Sheila. Raphael is Quintin’s older brother and will later on be his rival in pursuing Marina.

Dugong (Malou De Guzman): She is the most forceful sea witch who gives Victoria the supernatural powers she needs. She has full control of the whole Dagat Landia and has the ability to see the future. With her mere eerie chant, she can claim countless lives. Dugong alone can make mermaids human… but only if she offered a precious gift she cannot resist.

Pilar Ballesteros (Debraliz): She is Esther’s loyal assistant who would really give up her life for her employer. A caring mother to Isabel and Mario, Pilar single-handedly raises her two children through Esther's support. 

Lorelei (Eugene Domingo): She is Elias’ closest friend who exhibits a very poor memory. Funny and at times weird, Lorelei was once a mermaid who gave up everything for love.

Vixia (Jenny Miller): Is one of Marina’s loyal mermaid friends who will stop at nothing just to protect her. Reliable and supportive, she will be Marina’s constant companion in her new world under the sea.

Quiana (Maoui David): One of the mermaids Marina will meet and befriend. Quianna has experienced living a normal life but opts to go back to the sea to become a mermaid again.

Lirio (Diether Ocampo): As a prince of the sea world, Lirio has the power to transform from a merman to a real human... but he has no power to change Marina's heart. In spite of their brief acquaintance, Lirio falls in love with Marina and proves himself integral in her mission to defeat Victoria.

Carlitos Caballero (Gabb Drilon): He is Isabel’s best friend who is secretly in love with the pretty, young lady. Knowing that he can’t compete with Leon, he chooses to be Isabel’s shoulder to cry on.

Randolph Rivera (Alvin Fortuna): A good-looking scuba diver who goes to the fishing village and meets Luna. They get along well but the young lady misconstrues their rapport as something more than friendship. He is mesmerized by Marina’s beauty and decides to court her. But the moment Luna finds out about this, she starts to seek her mother’s powers to win back her loved man.

Quintin Sandico (Luke Jickain): A happy-go-lucky marine biologist who is commitment-phobic. Quintin is Raphael’s younger brother who will also develop a special feeling for Marina. He finds the young resort executive extremely appealing that he pursues her even if it will lead to a conflict between him and his older brother.

Leon Del Rosario (John Barretto): Nephew of Esther who comes from Manila. Trendy and down-to-earth, he becomes Isabel’s highest crush. Although he likes her very much, he tries to hide his affection due to the sad truth that he shall die soon.

Ronald Martinez (Abel/Robin Tolentino): A scuba diver who devotes much of his time with his best friend Randolph.  Their strong friendship belies the fact but Ronald begins to see Randolph as more than just a friend. 
Lorelei (Eugene Domingo): She is Elias’ closest friend who exhibits a very poor memory. Funny and at times weird, Lorelei was once a mermaid who gave up